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Sarees: India’s connection to sarees would date back to the time when civilization ever hit the place. We all own a piece of that ethnic clothing either from our mothers or grandmothers and are proud to wear it for occasions and weddings. It is an age old tradition to wear Indian sarees for occasions or wedding sarees especially.

History of Sarees

The Indian sarees originated from the time when the people in the Indus valley started draping around a piece of clothing for covering themselves. It was called a “saree or sari” from the time of the famous mythology, Mahabharata. Indian Sarees have been included in records from history numerous times because long before the tailors actually came into India, women used to cover them with clothing that wasn’t sewed. Sarees have been a very prominent part of clothing for Indian people from a very long time, but now, the interest has increased in younger people as well since now you get designer sarees.

Generally, the Indian sarees are woven with decorative borders on both sides, and one end is left plain whereas the other one known as the “pallu” is decorated similarly to the borders. The Pallu is decorated with punkra work with different color threads for the different type of sarees. With different types, of silk sarees, georgette sarees or cotton sarees, the designs and the borders differ, but the concept is same for every Indian saree. If the sarees are for special occasions like wedding sarees or festival ones, then they have designs on the body of the saree too. The Designer Sarees are generally designed with beads, pearls or stones of different kinds and colors.

There are many styles in which one can wear a designer saree or even sarees during weddings. We will discuss everything here.

Sarees from Different Areas of India

Saree is known as the first and most important part of the daily wear for Indian Women. People usually wear it throughout the day, for office, for school and colleges. It started with nothing but a simple cloth of wide length divided by a certain length and in simple solid colors. Different people draped Indian saree in different ways. Silk sarees came into the world much later than the basic cotton ones. With silk, it became easier to wear and carry since it was lighter.Indian sarees and wedding sarees had special designs with different motifs and embroidery all along the body and the border of the saree. Here we will discuss the different areas:

  • South India: South India is known for its high production of a different kind of silk and thus the silk sarees. With the different styles and patterns, they are known for their wedding sarees that are worn during weddings. The first type is gadwal sarees that are made of cotton with a silk border. The sarees have zari work done all over the body of the sarees and get their name from the region Gadwal. The second kind of the saree famous is pochampallyikat sarees which have the infamous geometric patterns all over the body of the saree. They are the special silk sarees woven with a mixture of silk and cotton. They are tied and then further dyed, and this is what makes these Indian sarees The other glorious sarees from the south are Kanjivaram sarees which are known mainly as the wedding sarees and made with wide borders. They are generally very pricey because of the heavy work on the sarees. Another type of silk saree is the Mysore silk which is also popular for the silk work all over the saree and worn during occasions or is made as customised wedding sarees.

  • North India: The famous silk sarees from the north are Banarasi sarees which have become a very important part of many states not only north. They come from Banaras and are widely used during occasions and weddings. People describe banarasi’s as wedding sarees and they come in different colors and work of gold or silver. Another type of northern saree would be the Kota Doria sarees that are from Rajasthan and made of cotton. The pattern is checked and looks very gorgeous when worn like designer sarees. The sarees are light to carry and very airy during summers even.

  • East India: From east India, the Indian sarees that we get are sambal puriikat which is from Orissa and is woven completely without any machines. They have motifs of specific shapes and symbols. Kantha and Tantareanothertypes that is popular in West Bengal for occasions and daily wears. They are very comfortable and airy for anyone to carry as wedding sarees Chiffon is also worn during daily wear.

Designer Sarees you can wear for Weddings:

A wedding is a very special occasion, and we always wait for an opportunity to buy a wedding saree for the special day. The level of heavy embroidery or the kind of work or the material of the saree depends on how special the day is for you and how much you spend. Now the wedding sarees are specifically made with extra detailing and customisation according to the needs of the customer. You can either go with the traditional Indian sarees, or you can go with the new trending designer sarees.

You even get the famous silk sarees online and under the designers if you find proper shops. You need to do a proper research before you decide on buying a particular kind of saree. Choose the color wisely according to the time of the occasion or wedding, and generally, wedding sarees come in different shades of rich colors and designs. The different types of Indian sarees are:

  • Saree gowns: These are easy to drape designer sarees that you can wear on any occasion as long as you have the best fit and color. Young girls who want to wear sarees but cannot drape them properly can wear these easily as Indian sarees.

  • Ornate Sarees: These are the sarees with extra zardozi work that is moderately pricing. You get to customise exclusive designer sarees too once you can select the color and design of work.

  • Net Fabric: This came into style recently and had become popular as the wedding sarees for teenagers and young girls since it’s easily wearable and breathable. This can be paired with multiple works of resham, gota or patta.

  • Lehenga Sarees: These are another version of the pre-draped sarees which can be worn with just tying them as a lehenga. They are famous for their heavy work and huge borders. When worn properly it creates a shape of a lehenga.

  • Cocktail sarees: This is a combination of the old Indian sarees and the new designer sarees. These were derived from the Banarasi sarees. Their base material is georgette, crepe or chiffon mainly.

The designer sarees should be worn properly in order to embrace them. They go with stylish blouses of the similar material. They are to be draped in a particular way to get the best of the fabric and shape.

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How to purchase Sarees Online

When you have decided what saree you want it is time for you to buy the saree. Earlier purchasing a wedding saree was a very hectic job since you had to visit one shop to another to find a perfect saree for weddings or any occasion specifically. Indian sarees have their own aura and thus proper material, design, and length should be checked. But now, everything is present online, and thus you can search for designer sarees and wedding sarees online too and for prices worthy of the material. The tips for selecting the best wedding sarees online are:

  • Size is important: Yes even when you are purchasing a saree, the length of the saree is very important. Every person has a different style of draping the Indian sarees, and thus everyone needs different lengths of sarees too. It is very easy to change or exchange but remember the length of the Indian Saree while purchasing or else it might fall short.

  • Material: It is important that you know which fabric you want and then study a little about it online under Indian sarees or designer sarees since websites may tell you things like they sell quality products, but not everything is true. You have been sure of the fabric they are selling.

  • Change is good: You need to be updated with the styles and designs that you can get in the different designer sarees since then you will be able to find the best match for your occasion. Once you check different sarees, you will understand how trends change each season. Various designs of silk sarees also come in great trends now.

  • Don’t be blind: It is important to believe things are changing, and even silk sarees are on trend but not always the trend can be followed. Stick to your style and then change the color or pattern but do not lose the authenticity just for the sake of style. It is important to know the importance of real Indian sarees.

  • Trustworthy: You have to be very careful with the websites since everything from designer sarees to silk sarees you get online, but not every shop can be trusted. You need to make sure it is a loyal website, and the only make your payments. You can read reviews about the websites before you decide onto anything finally.

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