Indian Independence day Short Paragraph Essay for Students- Celebration on 15th August

Independence day Short Paragraph
Independence day Short Paragraph

Indian Independence day Short Paragraph Essay for Students- Celebration on 15th August


250 Words Essay On 15th August Indian Independence Day

India got its freedom from nation Rule on fifteenth August, 1947. thence we have a tendency to celebrate our on fifteenth of August once a year. there’s legal holiday on fifteenth of August.We all apprehend that Freedom isn’t free. It took years of efforts, non-violence and alternative movement by our national sub-voter to realise Freedom.

On 15 of August, 1947, Pandit national leader raised the tri-colour flag of Bharat at Red Fort, Delhi and celebrating independence day.

The school kids eliminate vibrant processions terribly early within the morning. They sing the glory of Bharat. The processions finish within the park.There the flag is hoisted and also the anthem is sung in unison. everyone takes a brand new oath to serve the country and to try and do everything to revive her lost glory. Indian Independence Day is discovered with nice enthusiasm everywhere the country.

The elders bear in mind the martyrs WHO sacrificed their lives within the struggle for independence. They pay court to the good leaders WHO suffered plenty to win our freedom.

Independence Day reminds North American nation of our duty to the country. because the meeting ends with a song, sweets are distributed among all. Then we have a tendency to head to the slums and distribute food and garments among the poor. when we have a tendency to once we after we come home we feel terribly happy.

Indian Independence day Short Paragraph Essay for Students- Celebration on 15th August

Independence day Short Paragraph
Independence day Short Paragraph

 Short Essay On Importance Of Independence Day 

Independence Day is AN annual National pageant in Republic of India. it’s celebrated on fifteenth of August per annum. Republic of India gained its freedom from geographic area on fifteenth August, 1947. Hence, these days is extremely necessary for the voters of Republic of India.

Source of Inspiration: The independence movement in Republic of India was carried on by the Indian freedom fighters. These freedom fighters had to endure a tough and severe struggle. these days reminds United States of the struggle of the liberty fighters WHO sacrificed their lives for his or her country. It evokes United States to like our country. we tend to square measure the longer term of our country. And, we must always be able to sacrifice everything for our country.Every year, Independence Day is celebrated by all proud Indians. The day is observed as a national holiday for the country.

70th independence day

Grand Ceremony at Red Fort: a beautiful national holiday ceremony is command per annum, at Red Ford in Indian capital. On these days, The Prime Minister hoists the flag ensign and provides a speech. The Prime Minister addresses the state and pay tribute to the liberty fighters WHO secured freedom for United States. The anthem of Republic of India is sung. Parades of Indian Forces square measure command. this can be a good moment for each Indians people and celebrate Indian Independence Day.

Similar events square measure command in terribly state. The Chief Minister of the state hoists the ensign, that is followed by parades and cultural programmed.

Celebrated all round the country: national holiday is widely known all told the states and Union Territories of Republic of India. The ensign hoisting ceremony is additionally discovered in faculties, colleges, societies and government offices. Buildings square measure adorned by tri-colour lights.

Outside Republic of India: fifteenth August is additionally celebrated as Independence Day by individuals of Indian Origin and NRIs, in varied elements of the planet.

Tribute to Freedom Fighters: court and tribute is paid to the liberty fighters, WHO lost their lives for securing freedom for the country. we tend to square measure free these days as a result of the leaders of Indian Independence movement. it’s vital that we tend to pay tribute to those leaders.


200 Words Essay on Independence Day 

Any country which has experienced the ignominy and acute sufferings of all sorts under foreign domination, knows how priceless independence is. In case of India, this should be more keenly felt because she was under British rule for nearly two hundred years.

The independence of India was achieved, through continuous brave struggles and the sacrifice of thousands of precious lives, on 15th August, 1947. We celebrate our Indian Independence Day every year as the most precious achievement of the nation.

Incidentally, Australia’s Independence Day is also the 15th of August. There must be a special sacredness about this day, since Shri Aurobindo was born on the same.

Indian Independence Day is celebrated at every parts of the country. In the morning of 15th August, the national flag is hoisted at every school and college, and Government building and even on top of some private houses. Small children walk along the roads to the accompaniment of beating drums. Throughout the day, and especially in the evening, meetings are held to discuss the contribution of numerous patriots and martyrs to the freedom of India. Patriotic songs are sung as part of Independence Day celebration.

The price of liberty is eternal vigil, and our brave soldiers are doing their duties efficiently. Besides celebration, we must also have enough honesty and national spirit, and spirit of sacrifice for the general good. India independence day pictures 1947.

Constitutional Evolution of Our Country

It marked as the final stage in the constitutional evolution of our country. Under the Act, India and Pakistan were to be the two completely sovereign States on appointed day i.e. 15 August, 1947 and consequently the office of the secretary of state for India was been abolished.


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